Sunday, January 17

Spending BIG and an Even Keel.

So another day another Striker linked.

As usual Wenger is keep his cards to his guarded
(You would want to play him on final table would you)
“Nothing has moved. We do it like we have with Sol; when we sign somebody you will be informed,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online. “I prefer always to do that posterior to the signing rather than anterior and to announce. You always prefer not to announce names which you cannot sign after. We are cautious on that front.
 So most Gooners are desperate for an Striker who's is The Absolute Dog's Balls
and center half who has legs to play in midfield.
Thankfully last January Aresnal made the best signing they ever could make and he's never gona play for us
Ivan Gazidis "The Greek"
Im glad he came as transfer signing that used to be complete hell after Dien went
has now become a smooth and slick opertation.

Who will we sign i think Wenger is getting closer to someone but who only "Wenger knows"

Will it £35 million on Zarate?
To be honest he doesn't look in form and not for that money

Or £20 mil
On Edin Dzeko
now he does look in form 6 in the last 7.

We know how he like's to make huge dossier's
on everything about  them so he likes to know what
there like off pitch as well as on
Look at how easily TV, Sanga adapted to the Prem
Like fish to water.

So find the right guy take a bit longer
we need someone who gona come in and
bang them in and hold up the ball and lead the line.

Also a center half who has legs to play in midfield
These are a rare breed
Talk never stop about Yaya
have died down a bit since his brother left

If player i've been keep my eye on is
Jeremy Toulalan
He's French
Really gets his foot in
so should be on wenger radar

and he's even had words with his coach

(Sorry about the "a whole new world" in french
but she sounds fit tho)

An Even Keel

So with prem team filing section11 like it going out of fashion
Is about time FA stepped in and vetted potential owners
Also Fifa have also talked about
Limit you spending power so that it is in line with your earnings
I think this should be put in to place
Just to piss off chels, Real , s*ity and mancs
All of which all have sugar daddys the latter having massive debt
Apparently so much so that they would even risk stalling over Wazzas contract 

Anyway safe trip all tho's who are making the up there today
We should be able to make it feel like home as they never get any support

Let get a load of away goals in this first leg against bolton.


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