Wednesday, July 11

The Ballad Of Thierry Henry

By @buxtongooner

I wrote this whilst pissed after the FA Cup game against Leeds last season. It’s been lurking in my laptop’s memory and I thought even though the moment’s passed it may take your minds off things – albeit very briefly.

 The Ballad Of Thierry Henry

 A winger from The Old Lady, via Monaco you came,
 A replacement for Le Sulk, of the new training ground fame.
 ‘Thierry Henry is a winger, Got it?’ typed an arrogant dick,
 ‘Not a striker, not a goalscorer’ Myles Palmer, you prick.

 Ok, we had doubts, and we’d spent a few quid, 
You’d played at the top level, but not The Premier League, kid. 
You huffed and you puffed, there were chances you would spurn,
 Forty eight goals in two seasons? Not a bad return.

Sunday, February 19

(Video) Ryo Miyaichis performance vs Millwall plus why he shouldnt be rushed

By @hahostolze

Ryo Miyaichi is taking the world by storm. His performances against our opposition in pre-season were very good and his attitude, technical ability and playing style are impressing players, staff and pundits in training and matches alike. Despite his meteoric rise to fame, something I experienced from very close as a Dutchman with an eye on football, and the kind words of the people who see him, like Mario Been, Martin van Geel, Thomas Vermaelen and naturally Arsene Wenger, I still have some worries for Ryo Miyaichi.

The man who wenger will get if he moves upstairs

Dragan Stojković aka "Piksi" translates to the "Pixie"

As player was had distinguished career the highlight being Marseille, joining the star-ladden squad featuring the likes of Jean-Pierre Papin, Abedi Pele, and Chris Waddle, in 1993 they won old big ears (the European Cup) but also reached the final in 91 to red star. (his previous club)

Friday, February 17

The Myth of Arsenal’s Continuous Decline

By @WengerBoy1

Many fans were claiming that Arsenal had been on the decline for years and I contended otherwise.
I have been roundly criticised for suggesting that last year’s team was full of potential – more potential than previous Arsenal teams – and especially for suggesting that the Barcelona game was an indication of that. “It was just one game,” they said, and surely the Birmingham loss was an example of how poor we could be in the same way that the Champion’s League victory was an example of the opposite.

Fair enough. Perhaps we were lucky in the Barcelona game. Perhaps last year’s team didn’t have the potential I believed they did. We collapsed after all, and that seems like a pretty big indication of how weak we were, and this year is just a further illustration of how we’ve been falling further and further since we last won a trophy.

Monday, February 13

Aaron the Assassin

Ramsey has scored 11 goals so far in his club career.

1st on 26th April 2008... on 28 april 2008, A train collide in China killing 72 People,

Sunday, February 12

Official Statement

We Are happy that utd and liverpool have made up.

Can we get on with football now please.

Are We Tackling Racism In Football The Right Way?

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