Friday, January 7

The Unseen Arshavin

Arshavin and his secert
shhh dont tell anyone he defends and works off the ball
you wouldn't know it but he aint bad at it
his tackling stats 28/31 times he tackled someone we've won posession
and he's made 19 interception so far this season. (stats not including man city game via @orbinho)

Though he is the new scapegoat now almunia aint in the team
we do like to have a moan dont we

his best game so far this season showing he can do defensive work from the front is the game vs villa

 by Guardian Chalkboards

Here's a short vid i made showing what goes unseen

Although it dont look like he likes doing it 
but why would he's an forward.

RSD out 


Real Social Dad said...

Comments Welcome

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to dispel the stupid myth! The myth invented by stubborn bloggers that Arshavin is at fault for our defensive weakness!

Arshavin is world class, he doesn't deserve to be booed or jeered at.

Real Social Dad said...

to be honest i was one of them but after close look into it's not all arshavins fault


Who has boo'ed or jeered him???....stop making things up.


Arshavin is a very good player,But he could be a world-class one.Im just not sure he thinks he's good enough for the prem,and is lacking a bit of confidence.

Against villa,he showed a real hunger and that was he's best match this season by far.

Anonymous said...

Now please make a video of every time he tries to do a backheel or pass without looking and gives it away. Yes, in a 90 game he tracked back 3 times and won a tackle here and there, but honestly.. he spends more time tripping over his feet and misplacing passes than having a positive contribution.

Real Social Dad said...

And should i also make a video of when his backheels and flicks come off it what he's there for. Here and there. ha

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