Tuesday, March 30

It's a Brand, Now give it Back!

It time we took back our club and the looks like the petition has be heard by the brown and has been added on to the labour manifesto a plan too move back too the left.   
and give back football to the fans.
Well it would be a start
Even platini in on it

football is about Us 
the Real fan who want to enjoy this game we love and share it with others ie our kids. I certainly can't afford a season ticket 
And too hear about the amount of silvers who didn't get a ticket for barca is shocking
the guys and girls who pay for all there kids and buy all the kit's sock an'all. i.............."THE ARSENAL"
it's just beyond my means and now distance is more than an issue.

But i think this is rebellion coming since the prem started
and the fa and the prem league and fifa
have been making football in to the commercial juggernaut it is today.
Basically it's since stanely report 

trust a dipper too ruin it.
We must remember that it has become about the sponsorship deals, shirt sales, not about us and our rapport with the players and other fans
It is sad but yes
and arsenal will be in our hearts forever
it wont be the team i can take the boy to watch week in and out 

like me uncle did for me.

I love you gooners
And hate the fucking prem and Scudimore and Sir Dick and blatter
this is what's wrong with football
it's a brand now
not a place for people turn up, week in, week out,
through rain, wind and snow
to have laugh and maybe see something you'll remember for the rest of you life or just see a pile of shit and say i'm never coming back here again,
but next week your there front and centre in all red and white to the bone.

Not to sound like monty and rupert
but you might say it all a bit Marx and Engels
lets get 
Marxism back to the UK and crush capitalism
after all was written in london and you can see why.
The Fat Cats have been eating from the trough for too long
it's time we showed them we're the ones with power.

"Democracy is the worst type of government, but it's the best found so far"
Winston Churchill 
 I ask you boy and girls who have the honour of being "The Arsenal" and get to see the that beautiful green turf every other week. On Norf (laundry),clock, east and west to stand up tomorrow and sign and if you see some monty with his camera or is mobile phone out sort it out you come to watch the football and not see it through a bloody digi screen.
Be there be part of it does miss a minute this is our club and wont be told sit down shut up if you want to see a play go fuck off up west.
If you kid dont want to hear fing & blinding take him/her too the family enclosure you twat. This is football and passion runs deep we can't help it just has to come out.

Least the banter will be good when my boy grows up tho ay.....

RSD out its been emotional.......


Erick said...

Where did you get the Safaricom Advert RSD????????? Big things poppin

Real Social Dad said...
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Real Social Dad said...

you lost me safari if your talking aabout the ads google does it all and they know you location so change where ever you may be..

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