Sunday, March 28

A Star and The Collosus

A grey sunday morning i write this
You could say it was a game of two halves
We shit in the first and crap in the second
The team sheet didn't give me much confidence when is saw it
it was a side for a home game
theo never starts away
and you can see why
was pretty anom

Right too them game

We had an early chance when Rosixty found made some space whipped it in
Diaby went low and hard but the shot was block and went out for a corner

We didn't take control of the centre of the park
peter(aka song) was missed tho he was solid at the back
and we moved to plan b long ball bendy and theo over the top
which was nice to see
theo got behind once and went down a bit to soft for a pen

not like we would get one with webb in charge
Fergie's rent boy
my god
yellow for song first tackle
yellow for clichy when he dared get in players way
freekicks galore for brum
thankfully none in too dangerous a position
this guy should only ever officiate one game utd v utd reserve's
more on that which is webb later

so we were pony
the only people who remembered that we were playing brum today where song, diaby, sol and Almunia. I know you might say that clown but we win as a team we lose as a team and some of the saves this guy pulled out in the first half kept us in the game.
Jerome gave sol a torrid time he wont be at brum next year i tell you, me.

the first half was so poo i cant really go in to it that much
even the atvo highlights only last 4 out of the 12 and most of that is the team sheet.
the only thing of note to the end of the first half when brum decided to dig in till the whistle we made some in roads, the collossus of diaby today wins the ball from a game of tennis we where playing with brum then
Stroke … pass … triangle … slide-rule pass … tip … tap … slide-rule pass … neat triangle … neat triangle … neat triangle … through-ball … languid stroke … flick … trap … deft touch  … clatter …& 
Cesc takes a while to get his feet he feeling his knee with just under 15 mins to go to half time everyone on the terrace was twitchy.

Get him off!

Oh shit!

thankfully he ran it off took the rest of the half
but least it was something interesting to watch cos we were pap


We could only get better AW giving the rally cry.
And we did but not alot

Sicky and diaby got closer together 
why sicky was on the left i dont know 
he's half the player out there 
anyway they threatened hart 
but only gave him tame shooting practice.

denilson was had moved out of no mans land and was actually get involved with play
sometimes his position is so good he forgets about playing football
he took out gardner
probably was his plan as cesc his best bud
nice tackle wrapped his legs round his chest
one for the ladies

Then a scary moment from the resulting freekick
over the top
round the back
johnson almost scores but post is there
almunia was beaten all ends up
and danns there to slot it in
oh no over the bar it hit his knee
what a shame

you would think this would wake us up
and did a little
we stepped up the pressure
but we couldn't move them
not enough creativeness from rosixty or theo the latter being more at fault.

On came the cavalry
Andrey and Sami
and half chance for bendy
instant impact from sami on the right
crosses for him to attack
watch and learn theo.

I have to say it not really theo's fault a winger he is not
but to run the front line he is not ready for either
so he will have to prove he can run down the line
before he can run with out the route map.

Sami was everywhere fresh legs and determination great centre of gravity to boot
probably helped by brum moving in too lets keep this 0-0

Then webb showed that he really is on utd pay roll
Diaby pick up the ball in space
out to sanga on wing
he demands it back again
on the edge of the box
1-2 with cesc is a bit of hospital pass
cesc manages to get it back to him but take a clattering for the team
daiby shimmy's and drops the shoulder
oh hold wanker webb has blown up after we score
he reakons that cesc fouled, no diaby fouled, no we not allowed to score yet cos he's the star today
star wanker.
“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”  Unknown quote
Webb does none of these.

Then from a arse corner
the ball is cleared away
but brum havent pushed out leaving space for sami
he picks it up and decide he gona win this game
blinkers on
to shooting range
and he lets fly



Right ~10mins to hold on for.
Almunia starts to get flappy
a long ball in to the box
he goes to catch it
but instead knocks it down too bowyer
thankfully he blasts wide

Carr get a yellow yes
yid scum
Fab freekick works hart but not well enough

through ball to nasri
from cesc a beaut
but hart show why he's getting rave reviews
out early and closes down the angle
can't even get the cut back.

another long ball from hart this time its knocked down
the pieces arnt picked up by the Arsenal
and clichy doesn't get close enough to the cross
balls in and is almost cleared by sanga
but it goes full blow in to phillips
a odd one for almunia to deal with
and can only get a half hand on it
not enough and drops over the line.



Well done webb you were the star of the day

Special note of D.I.A.B.Y.and Peter

A point won today could have been more
but you cant win them all.
Some players rested.
It not over till May 4 points is nothing.
The Arsenal



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