Saturday, March 27


On 23 Feb 08 we travelled up to Birmingham on the supporters coach for the game against Birmingham City.

The ground is old and tatty,
you feel like you’ve gone back in time.
Back too British Rail football days.
As we were making our way in at the away end
we looked through some railings
and our boys were coming down a stairwell
onto the pitch for the warm up.

They were within touching distance
and we shouted greetings feeling like kids on a school trip.
The boys grinned and shouted back to us.
They looked superb and confident.
It gave us a huge buzz.

Yay, we were going to walk all over the Blues today.
You don’t need me to remind you what happened in the first half.
It’s the worst feeling in the world to be there
and watch one of your own carried off the pitch the way Eduardo was that day.

We were all in shock so were the team.
We fell apart and walked away with a 2 -2 draw instead of a 2-0 win.
It’s the first time I ever shed tears at a game.
But it wasn't the last.

When Ramsey’s leg was broken in another horrific tackle in Feb this year, the immediate reaction was red hot anger.

(Ezekiel 25:17)

‘Cos it wasn’t the first time and we’d had enough.

This time it fuelled our spirit and when Fabregas scored he tapped his leg for Ramsey.

Every game is a big game
but today’s is bigger in more ways than usual.
And when we score,
which I’ve no doubt we will,
I expect to see more fist pumping and huddles

a la Fabregas for Ramsey.

Maybe the opponents don’t look as strong but they have a lot to prove.
But we have more to prove than them and being in the top three for the title we have more to lose as well.

I wonder how Eduardo is feeling today?
I bet he’s fired up and ready to go.
I bet the whole of The Arsenal is ready for war.

5-0, Eduardo hatrick?

By Ann Patey (edited by RSD)


Erick said...

Nice one Ann so the day of reckoning is here we have to give it all we have hope Dudu get the chance to kill the Demons. Morning RSD tight game i guess but we have to settle early and kill off the game

Ann Patey said...

Thanks Erick!

I'm so wound up and full of nerves about today! See yu on RSD Terrace later I hope.


Real Social Dad said...

i'll be on terrace from 1400 gmt
have a show to put on

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