Friday, March 26

Lose Some Draw Some

Up next the blue noses
Focus people this is a tough game

The stat attack

Brums home form is averagley impressive

P15 W7 D6 L2 G10 A5 Pts27

The only one of the big six have gone there and got a win is the of the brummies Villa. 
This has all the markings of potential slipping stone. 

home is 10 from 18 
away 3 from 18
overall 7 from 18
they have lost there last two games which where away. der

Ones to watch

back to front 

Hart what can i say the guys quality and should be englands #1

Defence they are strong indeed ridgewell, carr and r johnson are all players I rate. It will be hard to move this unit about on saturday.

Midfield is not so strong but all can do a job 
lee bowyer could have been a great player even world class but like me he has a passion for angling, and we all know that leads to ruin. Next is our seb (larrson) I loved this kid when he was a gooner he can play and has some shot on him to and believe you me he'll be up for us, as you always are when your former employers come knocking. Ferguson is the other player who can hurt us he is a dead ball specialist so no stupid freekicks guys.I dont watch the blue noses and had the barca game to fall alseep to on weds.

up front 
Jerome this guy has the makings of a great player power pace and blinkers. 
Also Macfadden what can i say but the guy just personifies jock's

So to The Arsenal

The Circle is now complete
and with bendy have a grade one ankle injury he might be saved for wed
This would mean a start for dudu i hope you can just feel it on the cards. If you strike me down i will be become more powerful than you can imagine. Dudu can and will score the hatrick and send us to glory.With results going our way this weekend we can be top and stay there.


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