Monday, March 29

The Day of Glory has Arrived

Aint it come round fast.
Would love to give you some tactical speil
About how the cunning warrior attacks neither body nor mind, but the heart. And that to take out xavi and iniesta will be the best form of stopping messi and zlatan.

As much as andy gray and moanrino like to tell you they know it all and you move this player there and shove him up there.
The truth of the matter is tactics are only 10% of this game we love.

The other 89% is performance.
If the team dont perform then you can stick all you chalk boards
and heat maps up your arse.

The final 1% of jigsaw i like to think is us the fans.
It will be 9 years since, one the greatest sons of highbury was tragically lost to cancer on wednesday.
And i will be making sure all of you know with a tribute on the day to the god king which was
David Rocky Rocastle.

To barca form then.

What can i say well they havent lost since valentines day to Altetico (madrid).
In our favour is that the had to played twice last week to osasuna and to mallorca, while they rested some players for both games they also lost iniesta to a hammy, probably grade 1 hacks say 10 days.

Xavi made his return on weekend he came on to replace yaya who has a slight discomfort in his ankle.
lets hope song and diaby are taking note and check that it is working in the first few minutes.

no player to watch in this preview
come on people this barca most people watch them for fun.
it would be as long as my match reports if i did that.
and i dont wont to scare myself
Messi, Titi, zlatan, xavi, puyol, maxwell, alves with out even thinking.
If you know football you dont need me to go on  about their talents.

To us then

we still await cesc availability I would have thought if his knee looked like a balloon we would heard by now and he did play the rest of the game.The big question is will billy be back or even ready to come in.
Maybe with that stare of his he turn messi to stone and his chocolate foot too.

It time to get revenge for that horrid rainy night in paris. 
lets keep it tight and do it all in the nou camp.
See you in barca and in then madrid peop's...


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