Monday, February 13

Aaron the Assassin

Ramsey has scored 11 goals so far in his club career.

1st on 26th April 2008... on 28 april 2008, A train collide in China killing 72 People,

2nd against Fenerbache on 21 oct 08. No 1 died within next 3 day after ths goal, but on 24th October, on a Bloody Friday, many stock exchanges in the world experienced worst decline in there history.

3rd on 22 Aug 09...on 25aug, US senator and Nephew of John F Kenedy, Edward Kenedy Died

4th on 6dec 09... 0n 8dec, 127 people were killed in Baghadad after Bombings

5th on 30 dec 09... On 1st Jan 10, 105 were killed in pakistan after a suicide bomber denotes at volleyball match.

6th Goal on 3 Jan, 2010... on 5th of Jan, 2010, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, one of the survivors of Hiroshima and nagasaki Bombings Died.

7th Goal against Leicester City on 22nd Feb, 2011..... on Same Day Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand killed 181 people.

8th Goal against Man U on 1st May, 2011...On May 2, Osama was killed by US in Pakistan.

9th Goal against Spurs on 2nd October 2011..on October 5, Steve jobs Died.

10th Goal against Olympique Marsellie on 19th October, 2011 ... Next day on 20th October, Former Libiyan euler Muhammar Gaddafi was killed.

11th Goal against Sunderland on 11th Feb and next day Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel.

hopefully the 12th on wednesday will kill piers morgan

Plus , His Birth date is 26-12-1990....And it is also a day when many tragic incidents have happened. here are some tragic incidents happened on26 the December after 1990.
1991. Soviet Union dissolves
1999 a storm called Lothar sweeps across Europe killing 137 People.
2003 Earthquake in Iran killed more than 10,000 people.
2004 a 9.4 magnitude earthquake in Indian Ocean creates tsunami in which more than 2,30 000 people were killed.
2006 Earthquake of 7.1 magnituee in Taiwan

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