Saturday, January 16

A Lot of Argy Bargy And Ramsey Crooked

So we have signed the new Bolivian Sensation  
Samuel Galindo hopefully a couple of years on loan
and he'll come back and start breaking in to the first team like Vela.

Wenger Says
"Galindo is a player who has good technique. He's intelligent, 6ft 2ins tall, left-footed with good stamina. He is a central midfielder who can give good balls. He has good vision too which we like here."

Other Transfer news Zarate move wont go way
This would be nice he was good at brum

Apparently Ramsey went down in friday practice
muscle injury and wont make the game
with denilson still recovering from a sniper attck
we are looking short in midfield

Thank God Captain FAB is back
Also Clichy is at minimum on bench says wenger

what will the midfield look like at bolton
Nasri Diaby Capt FAB
not our most defensive

I'm hoping Vela will get a start to give us some width and pace on left
but not holding my breath

More news on Theo
so the over use by FA has destroyed his season
the under 21's in göteborg this year
And no preseason
think we wont be seeing the best of him till march at earliest
hope he'll prove me wrong


I Phone Arsenal App now avaliable

Joy for everyone
blogger Myle Palmer says
"My appetite for football had nose-dived lately"
Hopefully he'll stop bloging. Hoorah


The Law said...

Loved the last line!

Real Social Dad said...

We can live in hope
maybe we should write one his open letters to mr palmer please stop writing its not big and it aint clever

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