Thursday, January 14

Roll on Sunday, bolton and elbows Be A Gooner Be A Giver

So am bored of the Sol talk
yes he's almost signed but
thats all i can say
As for talk more signs of the invincibles
i saw lauren is only 32 and live's round the corner from london colney
LAUREN, 32, is still in England but without a club. Had a trial with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Lives near Arsenal's training ground.
 Would he be offered to train with us?
We do need cover for right back while eboue is away???
And sanga dont look right this season i think he's struggling on the 433
he was more effective in 442 when he had more licence to get forward
now he's more naturel game is stifled
Chance are remote tho, that lauren will come back

Anyway enough about the resurgence of the invincibles
let talk about bolton and elbows
Bolton away awaits us on sunday
used to be our boogey ground
has changed a bit since fat sams day
they now have burnley manager Coyle
At the helm
it will be he's first game in charge
So expect a tough game
have to show the new gaffer he doesn't need to sign and all that
We played burnley away after pool win in league
and we were full of confidence
on 7 mins Captain FAB rip the a new A hole with a fantastic bit of grit he rode a few challenges and then some how got threw and belted it home. 0-1 and we could have scored 3 in the first 15 mins
Then burnely came back at us eagles was really good to my memory. Cesc got injured before half time
and in second half they deserved a goal.
Bit pissed i jinxed the night cos alexander was in my fantasy team anyway 6 points for that pen
rough with the smooth
Bolton had the weekend off last due to snow
So have had time to fix walking wounded

Kevin "Elbows" Davies says Coyle has lifted them

But then we have Captain FAB back and
Gael "The Hurricane" Clichy

Also i guess Bolton owe us one seeing as we are payed their travel cost last week to ashburton

Anyways Roll on Sunday

UnArsenal news
The Pool team have lost all there player to physio room now Gerrard, Torres and Yossi
plus long term injurys of glen johnson and mascherano
looks like the my relgation prediction could come true oh happy days
In your liverpool Slums! Sign ON!

Yawns Ville

JT thinks were contenders now

Oh and Wighty thinks the FA cup is all ours
Big woop


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