Thursday, January 14

Ade is a Gooner, Ade is a gooner,

So is Sol,
So is Sol,

Now lets Buy a Striker
na naaa na na
na naaa na na

So apparently Ade had no clothes to wear
and the first person he asked for a shirt
Was an gooner who wore a XXL
bit of a coincidence Dont think so.
Does add fuel to what Ade said
he was forced out of The Aresnal
But I dont miss him
permenently offside
one season wonder

Sol returns we think no official news
but has been up and down again
Official Arsenal statement Sol is Back

With saving all this money on Sol
Sign on and wages etc etc
You would think we'd be in the market
for a record breaking striker
Seeing as we would only have to spend 16 mil
it shouldn't be that hard in a january transfer window

Or will we now not cos Bendtner is in training again
"He is doing well in training so the news is quite good," said  Wenger
He's been out for quite a while
and he's big old unit
and has been in denmark (bbbbrrrr) for rehab
so wouldn't think he wont be firing all cylinders
till well in to feb march time
especially not until he thaws out
Would like to be proved wrong tho

Lots of talk about returning gooner's
with Sols second coming
Pat up to S*ity
and people are talking about flamini
coming back??????????
Come on Flamini isn't even get in the milan team. 7 starts this season.
Leonardo must know something
or maybe he's waiting till he's past 30 like the rest of the milan midfield.
Also we're playing 433 now
instead of 442 when he was here
would he fit in to that system?
Plus Flamini was a box to box midfielder
not like song at all who it really a centre half
with the legs to play in the middle of the park.
Would flamini fall back in to centre half postion,
like song does when TV or gallas run up the other end,
i dont think so.
This is the reason we havent been conceding some many from counter attacks.

See what happened without song on weekend.
Almost 2 counter goals 1 from pienaar and James Vaughan almost scored after someone shot denilson.
Luckily Almunia was awake this time to close it down not like the Pienaar goal.

Apparently We've signed another 17 year old
 Bolivian 17-year old Samuel Galindo
The deal should be pushed through next week he's a winger for £500,000 The player is in London and the club are in the process of applying for a ’special talent’ work permit.
  The club famously exploited the ’special talent’ option to bring Alexandre Song to North London in 2005.

Oh Joy another one for the future
Apparently he played a 5 side game with first team and impressed
Even Captian FAB.

Oh and Cameroon lost 0-1
but then the other teams in there group drew
So no luck on Song coming back early yet
but i heard Fifa are going to make a decision on players leaving Angola
Even tho
FIFA's rules state: "A player who has been called up by his association is, unless otherwise agreed by the relevant association, not entitled to play for the club with which he is registered during the period for which he has been released."
Would that mean Song couldn't come back until the end of tourney even if Cameroon do go out????

In UNarsenal news
Rafa is on his way out
Up The Royals

another gem of quote
Not rivalled since that Special Twit
Apparently S*ity New boss
Has a very continental view on pre match food intake.
he said

"For example you need chicken, pizza, carbs - 
even a glass of wine but that's not on the table!"
Win or Lose We Hit the Booze

Sounds like my old sunday league teams mantra
The Dollis Hill D&D's
but really it was
 "We go along for fight
                       and sometimes,
      a game of football would break out"


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