Wednesday, February 10

Milkshakes & The UnderDog

Now we are The Underdog
We can do it

We never do things the easy way
79 FA cup Sunderland yes 89th min
Anfield 89 enough said
91 two points deducted and tony was in nick
97/98 eleven points back on Utd
01/02 was tough utd and pool fought us all the way
04 the invincible went out to chels in CL and looked like it was gona fall apart
then we played the dippers and went on to the title

So it starts with the Dippers tonight
Let hope this is the another one of those nights
and starts a unprecedented run to the title.

Do we need to change things
I say No
we've played well
in last couple of games
just bad luck,
then pressed too hard
and got caught

Clichy we can only hope
he stops drinking those milkshakes before the game
that brain freeze is losing us points

Theo just need to wake up from this
Göteborg Hangover
maybe he's the one in need of milkshakes.

Almunia is a scapegoat now
he could have done nothing about the last 5 goal
even the OG if he hadnt touched it park would have buried it

So let say to the boys

"Arise awake
and stop not till the goal is reached.

- Swami Vivekananda
0h2 B A


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