Tuesday, February 9

Dont Believe The Hype

Everyone has opinion dont they
With ex players and the rest of media

Saying Buy him them that
sounds like a kid in a toy store

The mountain of bullshit
we get these accepted truths
which are really nothing of the sort,
more like cliches.
Such as, Arsenal need to buy players,
Arsenal can be bullied,
champions win games when they’re not playing well.
Arsenal try and pass the Ball into the net.
Too small
Too naive
Too young
Please add some your sick of hearing.

It’s basically all because football ‘experts’ are idiots.
Its easy to sit in the chairs
and say such things
And you have to remember
There paid to make you keep watching
Not to give you any insight
As much as Andy and Jamie
Think they know
They dont see us train everyday
only the coaching staff do.

The truth of the matter is
margins between winning and losing a game
can be tiny.
You may even not deserve to lose, but you do.
Yet that gets ignored.
Well, we lost.
So let take it on the chin
and say today they where better than us,
but tomorrow we'll better.



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