Sunday, February 7


Well thats them out the way
Let regroup and do liverpool now

For those who dont believe we can win the title
all i can says is balls

we have got most of the nasty fixtures out the way now.
would say we have 3 fixtures
which could cause some palpitations
but chels & utd have like 7
so it aint over yet

the last few games have prob come at the worst time
with alot of long term absentee's coming back from injury
and not match fit at all
clichy, bendtner & walcott
and with song coming back acn

Today we look alot better than last sun
and another team we could have destroyed
Diaby is a real force

i did the bbc's league predictor after the match
and with a couple of draws a one loss for chels
we could still win the league
do it yourself
we have a good run in
all i can say is
You'll See it when You Believe It


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