Tuesday, February 2

Gooners Doing The Hokey Pokey

Wenger In
Wenger Out
You Turn Around
Hiddink In
Denilson, Almunia out

You get my drift
With blogs going mad over the untied display
or lack of
Wengers head is being called for.
I think the AKB school of thinking has been turned into Wenger Out!
How fickle the modern fan is!

Before Wenger we weren't the Super Club we are Now
Is Wenger's success haunting him?

So we havent won any silverware since 05
Even tho beating utd on pen's was nothing to brag about
We have been challaging for the league in the last 5 seasons
A trip to Paris as well.
We are one of the best teams in europe 

Is just competing for league not good enough for gooners?
Maybe the older one's of you will know what it like
too Draw some Lose some
Or have we forgotten.

Do we really think that spending shit loads
guarantees success
look at spurs and liverpool
they both out spent us for years
and both havent won the league for 20 years or more.
And have hardly competed for it either.

The resources wenger has
compared to other clubs
is miniscule
and yet still we are fighting for the league.
Year In Year Out

Yes soon when fifa wield the axe 
and we'll probably be the only team
allowed to compete.

To be honest some so called gooners
dont know how lucky we are.


Fishing Gooner said...

Totally agree, I have supported Arsenal since I was 5, nearly 40 years now :) and the youth of today don't know their born, do they remember 18 effing years? NO .... AW is in my eyes, one of the best managers in England. Any team (Chelski, Utd, Cittey, Liverpool, Spuds etc) can go out and spend a fortune on players and build a team capable of competing at the top (well maybe not the spuds) but picking a player (Cesc) that you can buy for next to nothing and then nurture him in to one of the best players in the world ... only AW can do that :) Arsenal Today, Tomorrow and Forever :)

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