Tuesday, February 2

Flying Midgets

The Arsenal (Wenger's) football ethos
is all about quick and constant movement,
short, one-touch passing, intelligent positioning
and making the correct runs at the right time.

Wenger believe's in good ball retention
and great passing, awareness, balance and close control.
The ability to shield the ball and keep it close
runs through his teams and makes it hard for the opponent to get it.
Coupled with these tactics and good organisation
leads for his team's to be difficult to beat.

For the whole team to press high up the field
as possession gained in the final third
produces of 66% all goals scored. (R.Bate)

To help implement this Wenger
has assembled a team of techniqually gifted players
who are all comftable on the ball and super fast.
Is this the future of the modern footballer?
These players are not often the large powerful machines
we are used to seeing on the pitch
but more of the Cesc, Xabi, Messi sort (Flying Midgets)
Ronaldo being the exception. 

This season Arsenal have played with a 433
which Wenger engineered after seeing Spain and Barca
do so well in there respective competitions.

Wenger likes the 433 system as he says it is easily adaptable
to 442 which is his favourite
due to the our short passing game
as 442 gives the most amount of passing sequences
(66 under 40 meters)
the problem with the 433
is that it bottlenecks the play through midfield.
which we have all seen this season with us being to narrow.

Is this new system producing better football than past wenger teams
It is hard to tell due to differences in players.
More importantly will it bring us the silverware
we Crave?


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