Monday, February 1

You'll see it when you believe it.

Although most people are concentrating on the result
for the first half hour we were more than a match for united
Arshavin looked hot if only he would look up and pass sometimes
and what was nasri doing that had Fabs goal written all over it.The game could have gone either way
we had good chances that could have gone in on a different day                            
 by Guardian Chalkboards
Nani/almunia's goal allowed untied to play on the break
Also it allowed their defensive midfield trio so stop us
flecter carrick and scholes made it hard for us to make our magic centrally
and without much width we didn't look to break down united.

Their second was a classic break and but you really have to blame denilson
for just jogging along side rooney and not really getting involved
he did this stoke game as well.
kind of a peter reid with maradona
"if i jog with him it looks like im good"
you could blame denilson for the first goal as well
If he had not tried to make a challange and taken him to the line when
nani came in to the box maybe would have been different
instead he half heartedly put out a leg i think the pen he caused
in the bolton game may have had some bearing on it.
You wonder why ramsey didn't play at all.

So we must forget about this result
and get ready for our trip to the bridge
let hope that hull can do us a favour on tues
at the end of the day it only 3 points lost in the race.
I still believe we can do it.



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