Thursday, January 28

When you get 3 for a win, 1 feels like a loss.

Going in to the game we should have know it would be a bore draw
with 15 goals in Villa last 2
and 10 goals in our last 2
you would expect the opposite.
But no this is football.

You could say that it another point gained away
(we have played more than the rivals and lead them on the away table)

Villa played a good game,
stiffiling our passing game 

especially Andrey
he seemed to over hit every pass

Also i think we were scared of their counters
but they where pretty predictable
Gabby had no-one to pass to when he did counter
as heskey dont move that quick
So that only left him the option of punting the ball out wide to young
who's seemed scared to get in to the box

Gallas had a great game gainst gabby
pretty much had him in his pocket
but im sure wenger jib about him playing on the edge of injury
is more that he's a fighter and a pro.

As for our attacks we looked great
some of the movement last night
and the passing was just
some the best stuff we've played

We did carve out some opportunities
(8 on target)
but friedal or the woodwork denied us

would have like to have heard
if Tommy did tell ramsey he was coming.
that should have been 1 up just before half time.
I thought w'ed up our game in second half but it was short lived

Bendtner came on for edu
(apparently a light hammy prob a week-ten days)
He looked as good as ever (not very then)
but he did give us a new attacking option
basically clichy hoofs the ball out to the right and he wins it
Nicks got good at holding it up now
he did get a chance to shoot when a bit of magic from AA
set him free in the box but instead of putting his left through it
he choose to pull it back.

Sol made his first prem appearance
he sloted in beautifully
was a bit worried
as seemed leggy in stoke game
but with gallas doing most of the running
he was ok
guess he didn't have to look after silvestre like at stoke
Was good to seem his huge frame commanding the troops

Is a worry TV injury
he did play on after the intial knock for a while tho
apparently it is numb
Wenger says: "Whether it is just a nerve problem or the bone is broken is what we have to check on."
we'll know on friday at 1430
so wont bother refresh newsnow all day

but least we have sol
and song can play there
and if needs be sanga has played center half
so not such doom and gloom that some bloggers would have you believe.

on the note of defenders Smalling was signing autographs at trafford last night
so i would say he has definatly signed for them.

United need injury time to secure there place in the final
was hoping for extra time
they conceded a couple
will be intresting to see if Rio will be banned today

Sometimes you wish the old rule still applied
(2 for win, 1 for draw)
Dont think it helps anymore
people still dont go for the win
just cos of the extra point up for grabs

Roll on Sunday



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