Wednesday, January 27

Ha Ha this away Ha Ha that away, The Smalling transfer

He can do magic, magic, magic!
Magic a rabbit, eight feet high

Well he's only six foot four 
but lightning quick, 
has good feet, reads the game excellently 
and strokes the ball around like a midfielder.
Says Fergie

With our bid being accepted now for smalling
will we be the one's he chosse
seeing that he's apparently a gooner 
and wenger would offer him playing time this season

(at united he would even move till next season)
Also he will look at how quick Ramsey has made it.
It a no brainer but will find out today.

So Wenger can also do magic Ha Ha.....
Wenger looked in to the injury problem on friday
and what would you know
half the team has reported back to full training on monday
this might have something to do with
the run of games coming up
im sure nasri, ramsey didn't want to miss manu, chels
and almost down to long absentee's on injury table
and Johan Djourou could make it back for the run in
with the swiss making south africa
you know he'll do everything to make the team.

As for the game tonight
bench is looking more heatlhy
Bendtner will make it, Nasri i dont know

Wenger still says no on a striker coming
With bendtner getting some minute tonight
I'm sure wenger will make up his mind
But i guess bendtner must look sharp in training
We hope.



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