Tuesday, January 26

ACN Over For Arsenal

So Song and Eboue are on their way home.
With Cameroon and Ivory Coast losing their 1/4 finals.
Just in time as we are in need of the cavilary.
Even tho there was a shock return of Ramsey
At the stoke game
I hadn't expected to see him till chelsea game
I did think at the time 21 days for a muscle problem
as the official site said was a bit of a over estimate
he probably got tarnished with the same brush as Nasri

There been a lot of talk of
Captain FAB starting in the stoke game
I did say that i thought this would be the case
For tho's who say it was stupid of wenger to start him
He is the most freshest of the midfield
And i think Cesc wouldn't have let Wenger not play him
He's chomping at the bit to play every game.

Although we lost and we are out of the FA cup
Were so postive's to take Francis Coquelin
Tho he did have a shakey first 10 minutes
he is growing as a player.

Sol it was just like he never left
where ever there was a problem
Sol was there
Just didn't have legs in the last half hour
When we started to press for the winner.

Eastmond has another solid game
If you play that postion well your almost invisible.

Jay struggled to play the front role
but it is a hard postion to play
Even AA struggles
Really take's some time to get you wits in that postion
Even RVP took a few games before he worked it out.

With Song and Eboue coming back
This should help the dressing room rebound from the loss
Eboue is supposed to be the joker
Apparently i read he want to be the next Chris Rock, when he hangs up his boots

As for Villa the have conceded 6 in the last 2 games
but have scored 9
Yet it was blackburn who we put 6 past and Brighton
so would think we should be able to out score them
and you would think our defence should be more stingy
it being at full strength again
Will song be avaliable for sunday you would hope so.



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