Saturday, January 23

Fifa's Wielding the Axe

Well the tabloids are moaning about the tackles in the bolton game.
I think it time to lick are wounds and move on.
Yes Catpain FAB could have had 3 pens
and Matt taylor should have been sent off
For trying to rub Cesc's face in the floor
firstly with his boot and then grabing his hair
But we won and now we are TOP
so lets move on
We Are The Arsenal
And such things are beneath us.

More interesting in press today is the news from Fifa
Not more verbal diarrhea from Sepp
But a real investigation has been going on
which can only aid The Arsenals plight for world domination
Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantino Says that
"We survey more than 650 clubs all over Europe, and found that 50 per cent of those clubs are making losses every year, and 20 per cent of them are making huge losses, spending 120 per cent of their revenue every year."
And because of this from 2012-13 clubs will have to break even
spending only what they earn
if they want to play in the Champions League or Europa League.

With Us being the only club making profit in the prem
shows in looking all rosey for the future.
Even if Stan decides to buy up those 17 shares
and enforce the take over.
With his and his wife fortunes
Shes an hieress of Walmart $3 bil in bank and he has 2.7
we will not be in massive debt
like the mancs
even tho heard the managed to raise the £504 mil in bonds
I dont think the bridge's will ever be mended between fans and board

And Gadiz Says
"I’ve had no indication from any shareholders that they are about to launch a takeover. The club is self-sustaining so we don’t rely on any outside investment.’’
So who are the other clubs in europe who can at the moment boast self-sufficiency.
Errr hate to say it the scum from down the road.
but would we like to beat them in champions league final every year.

News on stoke game is wenger will take a gamble with youthfull line up
Jay-jay Emmanuel(porn star)-Thomas etc...

Unarsenal News

West ham have money again "Olympic Hammers" lol

And that twit Robino is off
was crap at Real
and look like it was because he couldn't get a run in the team.
But cant even get in front of bellamy or SWP
To much of "the big i am"
like alot of youth today.

Enjoy the game sunday
Safe trip to all traveling



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