Friday, January 22

10 Days Left and Four League Games

So news on web is
Wenger missed training on tues
and held early press conference on tues
Also a friend of Myles saw Edin Dzeko at the ground?
Which we can't hold much faith in but we can live in hope
with the clock counting down
i hoping we can find someone who fits wengers needs
Also Roy says no wenger aint been in touch.
You would think it was a done deal with wenger being so coy over it in his interview
tho wenger does like to give the odd red herring
So it looks like it will go down to the "deadline day" like last year again

If you hadn't heard we have a tough three weeks ahead of us


The FA Cup
Stoke City


Barclays Premier League
Aston Villa


Barclays Premier League
Manchester United

Barclays Premier League
Barclays Premier League

Luckily Villa arnt the team they where
and we walloped them over christmas
(but are undefeated in jan only blackburn and hammers tho)

The Mancs are in not really in form but there always up for a game
I am hoping Song will be reporting back
due to Cameroon drawing Eygpt in 1/4 finalsof ACN
and Eygpt are in top form so should beat a struggling cameroon side.

The Chels are the is the real game
luckily the have less rest than us as they play on tues v hull away
and have some tough games as well between now and then brum and burnely away.

The liverpool game just feels to far away to talk about
depends on their form which is on the up
the italian Aquilani look like he was worth 20mil.

So injuries keep building Diaby looks to be out for a while
Didn't think he'd stay fit for that long
looks like only a slight strain tho
And Sanga is playing with injury bad shoulder

With the midfield down to its bare bones
Nasri and Ramsey out till man utd game
also diaby.
Merida is out as well.
Leaving a midfield of denilson, Capt FAB and eastmond
Although i have complete confidence in this trio
would be nice for them to get some rest
Wilshere should get some minutes on sunday.
 Are any of the reserves ready to show there steal, we shall see.

To be honest i am at loss to think what the line up will be on sunday
Would have thought wenger will opt for a strong back four minus sanga

But in midfield I have not much of idea
Fab will start but who to partner him????
and walcott maybe edu and Vela up front.

Maybe with Sol back TV will move into midfield??

With all this selection headache
Does only emphasise the importance of a Signing



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