Friday, December 31

Is Arshavins best position on the bench?

Andrey Arshavin the marmite of the arsenal fans.
Love him or hate him his stats have him as one of one of the best going forward in the team
Every 75 mins he either assist scores or sets up someone so they assist (pre-assist).
His make an assist every other game.
(stats correct as mon 27th dec 2010 via @arsefarts)

It just that he does nothing when dont have the ball what pisses people off and that he dont track back if only he could learn what theo has like he showed v the pensioners

(Vid by @Mr_Renoog )

All these assists do help but not really what we want from the front men


Samir 12 Theo 10 Chamakh 12 Arshavin 7 he's behind

Ketchup andrey.

For those who love him he's a luxury player which every team needs
Who can do the jack in box thing and come up with a piece of magic.

But with our system can we afford this kind of player?
We play a high intensity press and that only works if every single person is doing it and tracking back.
If this dont happen then bang over the ball will go and clichy will get scapegoated by all arsenal fans saying he shit cos everytime the ball gets to him he there's a chance.

So is time to relegate Andrey to bench and say if you dont add something to your game its time for you to get some splinters?

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Frankly, its blasphemy to compare walcott and arshavin. Front six should always be van p, nasri, arshavin, wilshere, fab, song. subs Walcott, Rosisky, Chamakh. End of story. Walcott is the perfect sub...when the opposition is tired in the second half, he can then come in and cause havoc(hopefully)I really like Walcott and I wish he'll be as good as Messi someday...but frankly, he won't even be half as good as Messi...unfortunately. We tend to overestimate our local players. They score a goal or a couple and we quickly want them to replace experienced international captains like arshavin. It seems we have quickly forgotten the game whereby Walcott ran the length of the pitch with the ball and got into the opposition's box and instead of even attempting a cross, he ran out of the field with the fricking ball. I was looking at the tv wondering I just saw...and then i remembered that it was walcott and i was like...oh well, what do i expect? With the way he was going , he might have ran into row z, if the advertisement boards were not there to stop him! lol Pace pace and more pace without brains, intelligence, smartness is nonsense. That said, i hope Walcott will become smarter and intelligent on the field and become a very great player!(hopefully)

Real Social Dad said...

im not comparing walcotts forward play to arshavin im just showing the graft he put in to help sanga and wish andrey would do the same to help clichy

Anonymous said...

I see your point and agree that Walcott maybe tracks back better than Arshavin but lately I think Arshavin has been trying to track back. i remember seeing him a couple of times recently in our penalty area hustling down an opposition play and I was like Wow! The world must be about to end! I think he has his strengths and weaknesses,and Walcott also has his strengths and weaknesses. Lets just enjoy the team as a whole instead of focusing too much on individuals. I think our squad is better than it was a year ago. Our biggest weakness is in the head,I don't think we have a Winners mentality yet. In some games we show up and in others we don't show up.

xenis62 said...

lets look at the hole team when we go forward it s dose not look like we are going to score any more.forwards look tired when ask to go back forward all the time.when one forward plays on his own up front he needs to push on the last defender football in england football is very fast you can t not play the europe way in england must be 442 you ask to much of the front forward to run the line then ask him to hold the ball up collet the in the air with no one to past when he wins the ball in the air its always a defender that picks the loose ball up we have no balance in the team arshavin is a good player walcot but we need a forward in centre
has speed to hurt teams on the brake we are them that keeps the ball on the ground. i hate to say this but i wood ravey play arsenal then that team we call shit near as they look good going foward we need to push much quicker we are the best team at holding the ball up. look at ronaldo step overs no promble to mark but
then he cut out the step over and went straight for goal no one could live with him.if you look at thierry henry robert pires freddie never waited for the rest. when we do push together we give teams to get back and defender. so we need to find the right balance

Real Social Dad said...

what i think your saying xenis is that we should play kick and run more like spurs would be hard to keep swaping from one to the other in prem and europe.

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