Thursday, January 21

Number 1! Number 1! 1!1!1!1!1!1!

I'll pick you up and throw you a thousand miles
I'm king kong, im f-ing superman. 1!1!1!1!

Was it ever in doubt?
Even at two nil down i still thought we'd win 4-2
Such is the belief in the team
Mostly flowing from the Captain
His hunger for the Title is Insaciable
Is this due to winning with spain, i would think so
He has the taste he needs it

Two return players and two assists
Clichy always looking to get on the attack before the danger is cleared
Maybe im being to harsh.
Denilson tackle was brainless.

Was great to rosicky lasting two full games on the trott now
and really is looking sharp again
Took his goal superbly
two in three now

Eddy just cant catch a break at the moment
everything he does is perfect
apart from the finish
you feel its just at any minute he gona explode with a hatrick.

On that note Arshavin picked up his first goal since the pool game
Wow that is a while and only one assist in that time.
But he does work hard for us
And it's worth having him on the pitch just for his facial expressions.
When he put a hand to the bolton play running to the corner
and he drop to the floor as if pushed over and ref gave a free kick
AA face just sheer quality i guess you would have had too have seen it.

TV has he one of the sweetest left foots since Liam???
What a strike!!!

And Craig another solid perfomance
with diaby out hopefully he'll get the run he deserve's

As for they bolton looked a good team and where unlucky on the equliser
hope its not break
And all the paper talk is about the "assault" what a load of prob the best one is jeremy wilsons blog

Mark Davies paid the price for breakdown in trust between footballers

As this deals with the tackle without the sensationalism
which most of fleet street (wapping) is going with today
More over on there next attack straight after the goal
one of their players went down and they kept on going

The Coyle affect will lift them probably
thankfully we wont have to play them again
but the mancs and chels still have to go to reebok

Oh Rocky Rocky


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