Wednesday, January 20

Will the Eastmond Surprise Continue? & Injuries Good Or Bad thing?

With Wenger saying

"Eastmond has shown interesting things"
Interesting things what does that mean
Must be lost in translation

Will he start again tonight?
He did look tired at bolton

"The Boy Criag" impressed me on sunday
and if remember right
in the Carling Cup against S*ity
it was only when Criag was taken off
that S*ity got there second
he had been used as full back
and had been marking SWP and bellamy
out of the game till then
i think it was like 3 mins after he was subbed

So the boy has talent
which brings me to the injury situtation
wenger says

'Imagine where we would be without injuries'
yes but imagine where mancs chels and pool would be too.

But i for one have to say
 Injuries improve the squad it allows the fringe to develop

RVP and Gael "The Hurricane" Clichy
would never be as good as they are
with out injuries to Cashley
and henry DB10
hope you can help me think of a few more
(piscatorial boys came round last night am bit jaded)

Would like to say Cesc
but the boy was so good
we just dropped patrick vieira and put him in

This gets me think about Wilshere
four starts and 3 sub (55mins) so far this year
is this enough time for him to develop?

Surely a player with this amount talent (man of tourney @ emirates cup)
should have got more playing time than this??????

enjoy it tonight

The Seekers and

 We shall, we shall not be moved.


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