Tuesday, January 19

Three In, Two Out & The Titanic Sets Sail

The revolving door of Colin's treatment room

With Nasri, Ramsey and Franny all  reporting to Colin
Nas did his hammy 3 wks
Ramsey a muscle strain 3wks
Franny a ankle injury ?

Returning are Theo and Denilson
Hoping Theo can string some games together now
He has been in and out for so long
Let hope the U21 euro's hangover is finally cured

Denilson has recovered from his sniper attack
Apparently a rib injury
The boy got a bad back
Which is the worst type of injury
Lets hope it doesn't hamper his career
Look how it has set back Chris Kirkland

News in paper today that Phil "The Titanic" Sendros
Is signing his disembarking papers
News is that its italy or scotland
Wishing him good luck where ever he goes
He'll probably never get over that night in anfield
Nor will I
I think the italy or scotland will suit him
With his turn off pace or lack of
"Iceberg ahead phil turn Crack!"

Other news of transfer movment is that
We are in the lead to sign
Young centre forward Sergio Canales
With five in last four he's looking hot

Also a report of another defender to come in
From the banks of the River Thames
Fulham young starlet
Chris Smalling
Although he has only played 135 mins in the prem
he has played every game for fulham in europe
And I do rate Roy Hodgson
Since his been there fulham are definatly on the Up

Freddy has spoken out from across the pond
About Soul man being a brick Wall
and if anyone can wenger can
Saying that wenger is the best fitness coach in the bis
Le Prof and his magic pills
Hopefully Sol will play against Stoke
And will be ready to take his the place as understudy
And should all our worst fears come true
come in for one of the "The Unbreakables"
He has also be included in Champions league squad

In UnArsenal News

You can buy up United 
at 50k a piece
gets you 7 % return every year
which is very nice

Apparently they need 500 mil
This is due to the incredibly complex loans
and hedge funds they have
keeping the club afloat.
Im glad we dont over spend on players
I'm trying to think when fergy didn't spend 30 mil on a player
oh thats right tevez that was a good idea

It Looks as if Essien might miss rest of season 
medial ligament tear is still to be scanned proper
but could be 6 weeks or next season
So no trip to ashburton for him

I watched the Villa game on sunday before we played
Villa really looked toothless
gabby and ashely have lost the confidence
which they had last season
Even heskey and carew could make a impact in the final third
and it wasnt as if the hammers where defending for there lives
so all bodes well for our meeting next week.

More 2moz Stay Tuned to RSD


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