Tuesday, March 23

How Do you solve a problem like Messi?

So to jump on the bandwagon
let talk about barca
so in a week if you hadn't heard we play them at the grove

On paper this is huge miss match
barca has twelve players in the top 100 in the world
of that five are in top 15
arsenal has six with one player in top 15

But we are the arsenal
we are the underdog that never stops believing



RSD thoughts on Messi

A blinker player who disappears at the highest level due to not looking up
tho he's only a boy so he can only get better
there's a scary thought
if you havent check the highlight page yet his 2nd v real zaragoza
is a bit special.

I feel D.I.A.B.Y. and Peter the Rock (aka song)will not let him move
and if he does get past them sol will shove him up his arse

Barca have to play tomorrow and on sat at 1800
they face Osasuna and Mallorca retrospectively
i have a old basque friend who's a die hard Osasuna fan "Inny"
he will be giving me the complete match report from tomorrows game
so RSD has eyes and will let you know
Mallorca are 4th in the league over there so that a tough game for them
yet the thrash valencia the other week and they're 3rd

We have the brummie's this weekend also a tough game
we have the appeal of TV red today an'all
so let hope it overturn come on ivan and the team of gooner solicitors
gets some justice..

RSD out...


Erick said...

Crowd the midfield and let Sagna play the first leg and second on Eboue we will get pass them but it will not be easy

Real Social Dad said...

its a rhetorical question.
but aw knows better than i do see whos fit on mon then we can go in to it on rocky nb day ay hows the studying?

Real Social Dad said...

Anyine else joining me in barca?

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