Saturday, March 20

Its On!

4 years in the making
transfer saga's,
some people are on the pitch....

get that shirt away from titi
This is the final we all wanted yet now we have two legs
(well maybe 22 but who's counting)

I hope someone will run on the pitch with a gooner top
and then jest messi with it
then ask titi could we have our money back that last season (07).

For those who where there in that rainy night in the stade france
Lets not forget we had them beat with 10 for 76 min
and if titi would just of put that in just before we would have that gold star.
To be honest i missed the last 10 the 12" we was watching on from 20ft through the window of a in bar outside the stade de france wasn't like could see much
plus me blister had her radley stolen she almost had puppies. :-)
Aldon......... still owe me those tickets

i am booked £211
have the room with Osasuna Iñigo
We're on our way

The other news of yesterday well wednesday but has finally made it to me is
the shirt we all want is the real deal

the email

The shirt


Dont forget the terrace today 1700 sharp
all the team news
banter and live streaming link are available on the page


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