Monday, April 26

Blah blah yackety shmackety

Should have seen it coming really two teams who didn't want to lose
but shitty didn't even come to even nick a goal
58 mins till their first shot on goals jebus
and three holding midfields
mancini needs sacking
we dont do this crap in the prem!

maybe the game could have been different if sami hadn't been called offside when through on goal
doesn't leave much to give you in the match report
yeah sol was fantastic
but he was the only one who didn't seem just to be coasting
theo being useless on the wing eboue who replaced him on 68 completed more passes
we couldn't be bothered to take shot at a debut goal keeper in last 20 minutes

Fuck-in great!

so this leaves us one point from securing 3rd but with spurs would have to win all there games shitty away soon, so looks pretty in the bag.

with relegation teams sealed on the weekend only things to look forward to is villa beating shitty and spurs for forth and pompey beat the pensioners in the cup.

blah RSD


Erick said...

Yeah blah blah

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