Thursday, April 15

Full of Grace

Wouldn't say thats that but, we need what our cousin across the water call a hail mary.

We hope that the scum can take that win and beat chels and utd
but, knowing them i doubt.

What happened last night a typical snatch and grab job.

they got the lucky goal sat back and we couldn't break them down.

for the second confusion due to a back four that never play together.

it seems that the we have moved up a level this year and snatch and grab which we used to fall foul to last year to bottom teams has been banished. the teams who can only do it now our the top teams in the league. So we progressing but will leave the season review for another time.

There's more important things to think about making sure we finish strong (next year is all about finishing well) and get ahead of mancs and you never know the madonna might hear us.

special mention of sol

the guy is has adapted his game to his age he doesn't try 2 out pace them he just lets them come to him and makes the tackle.If we played the old sweeper system he would be able to last longer than maldini.

speaking of ities c**** rvp could have won us the league. the guy is quality (i hate the term world class cos world cup is crap, champions league is the only mark of quality now days but it dont roll off the tongue.)


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