Tuesday, May 4

Sound of Silence

not really a match report due to an assumption by me monday game well thats a 730ish kick off init. So got the kids in to bed sat down to get team news at 7 and
Nice one i've missed the game.

it seems since the trip to the camp nou has sent a message to the team to take a early holiday maybe due to the 3 days holiday wenger gave after that game. to be honest i aint been feeling it either since being thrashed out there and trip home weren't to fun either.

so the final point we might need will have to wait till fulham.
least it gives a really good excuse to watch the scum lose on wed.

have to say the joke of tactics they used on fabianski yesterday first goal should have been a freekick and possible the second. i mean i've seen one guy in front of the keeper but three. jebus!

well is turning to really shite end of the season wenger has pretty much decided that we cant not get champions league football so is giving the squad a go. we can hope he sees this as a wake up call and signs a few or we maybe heading the same way as the dippers
back to the old days lose some draw some.
Hello darkness my old friend.

RSD out


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