Wednesday, August 18

Schwarzer has another medical again

Remember the good old days when you first time you used to hear about who you'd signed was when you actually signed them
It seems even the smallest transfer now becomes a epic tale
this schwarzer thing started in may don't look like it gona end till 31st
how many medicals he had now?

I know we're probably partly to blame
any wisp of a rumour and we're on it.
with the modern media and twitter you know where people are
and what there doing every second of the day.

If you look through supposed top ten transfer saga's
They have a common factor a Spanish team and that 9/10 are in the naughties (00's)
We've signed and sold superstars like
Champange charlie, Jennings, Bergkamp, Sol, Anekla with little warning

Now days we seem to know who we're signing sometimes over a year in advance
Look at chamakh pretty much knew he was an arsenal boy since
he decide to leave on a bosman.

I usually dont take to much notice of stuff until its on the official site
but they've even got a transfer link page now,
most un-arsenal like,
even posted a story of sanga basically doing a xavi on Spahic 

I guess rant over 

Dont forget to buy your fanshare's of arsenal
Probably the most interesting thing about owning part of the club since the bond scheme in '91
£20 joining fee and then pay as little as £10 a month once you have ~£95 in you own 1/100 of a share and you can vote on important issue's the site bit busy today thankfully signed up last night.

Oh and last let all laugh at spurs 
It was a great defeat 
am awaiting the DVD. 

by @ggooner

RSD out

Have a look at the amazon books down below go on!

forgot to say if love blogs cant bothered with media hype have look at
Just arsenal blogs a new site that does what it says on the tin.


Real Social Dad said...

PMSL RT @CaptainCujo: According to my count, MS has had 7 medicals at Arsenal in total. What will it take to sign him? An anal probe? Lol

God is a Gooner said...

loved the pic

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