Monday, August 16

Taking the positives from sunday

Well was kind of what we expected to get from anfield.
the new formation wenger used works at treat with an under strength midfield
Football Fans Know Better
Shows how much wenger rates big jack as a player to put him in a central midfield roll
instead of an attacking one

Sami was given a free role and was everywhere
he loves it in the middle

The first half liverpool were for the taking
but we werent sharp enough in final third
Pool really played in to our hands
by trying to play our high tempo game
and they weren't much of an attacking threat
just trying to catch diaby and jack up field
thankfully wenger has been practicing
the offside trap all preseason and the boys are adapt at it.

We really looked like the home team and were pulling all the strings.
pool on the other hand were living up to the sponsors


they were well organised defensively i'll give them that
but attacking wise zzzzzzzzzz.

Cole dont = messi, gerrard prat!

What changed the game was the kos being taken out by Cole
Sanga was so enraged he knew it could have been a break
even the physio first assessment was that it could be a break.
we played out the final minutes just passing the ball along the back
but you could tell it had effected the lads
and it took us even in to the second half to shake it off
tv was caught napping for the first
not the first time he's been caught ball watching
you might say almunia could have done better
but think was hit well by Ngog
and was past him before he could get at full strecth

Pool could pretty much shut up shop then
and without some real magic werent gona break them down
much like a game v a lesser team which i guess pool is becoming now
specially if they lose mascherano he was everywhere
how he gets away with all that argy bargy i dont know.

Wenger sent on rosicky and theo
Theo's game was restricted as pool werent attacking
he didn't have grass to play with.
But who knew he could take freekicks ay
must have been practicing all summer
Rosicky on the other hand took control of midfield
and was one of the best performers
and forced a great save from reina.

He picked up the ball in final third nice one two with chamakh
drove into the box held off the defenders for the shot

Kos was sent off for a pretty soft second yellow
that was ball to hand and he weren't even look at the ball

eventually our persitance paid off
and chamakh almost get on to the end of rosicky's cross
reina does what all keeper do if they are linked to arsenal
fuck up.

arshavin was poor
he did say before the game he was struggling and out of form
wenger says he was tired.

diaby didn't look sharp but then he aint had much preseaon

I am happy with a point but could and should have been more think the guys need some toughing up training seeing the ultra violence that the arsenal have to deal with.

Special note to the away boys at anfield didn't hear them stop whole game.

Was a bit annoyed at the lack of positivity out there in blog world.
A Real lack of savey out there from some supporters
RVP should have started from the off
And where's cesc?
Why did he go to mexico why did he stay an extra day?
This aint championship manager you cant just play people with no preseason
Was good that cesc got 45 mins over there
he aint played in over a month
I mean the computer game might have changed a bit since i put the cassette in my bbc acorn.
But come on you dont expect the team to be breaking down good well organised side with
RVP cesc song all missing and it being the first competitive game after the world cup.

Take the positives people.

RSD out.

Are weekends goal highlights up but you've missed the prem one's now just foriegn ones


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