Wednesday, August 11

The Transfer Merry Go Round Starts

With Carvalho moving to real
Will the silly prices and wages for defenders start dropping
The transfer market has been quiet for most
With real splashing out on Carvalho for 7.3 mil Centre back at 32
jose must love him
Will this kick start it hopefully yes
and giles will have Spahic 
over at colney for the weekend.

News is we haven't been talking to money city about given or hart
their press department has confirmed
but Kompany we have inquired about
seeing as verm is his partner at international level 
maybe verm will have a chat to him today while away in finland.

Also Agent of Italian international goalkeeper Federico Marchetti
said last night that if a bid came in from us he would consider moving.
He didn't look to hot at the world cup 
but i guess least he was there 
ours weren't

Yesterday also saw Nacer Barizite on the pitch for the Gers
According to reports he was the star of the night
Gers website leads with the headline "Dutch of class."
Im still not sure whether this is a season long loan 
or if it will be permanent 
I'm hoping the former the boy is quality.

Apparently The spuds are after gallas 
to be honest dont see why he hasnt eaten humble pie 
and come back to us with tail between his legs
we did offer him the a sort of two year deal which he is after 
he get half now and half later sort of thing if we keep him for the second
think it was 50k a week for this year and if he sign next would go up 75k 
plus his first years wage would be topped up.
he is still a top defender 
tho he's starting to have few to many injuries
I hope he sees sense and comes back
but i doubt it

Last night reports started that we are making an 18 mil bid to sign Hugo lloris
Would love to see this guy at arsenal 
But have to say the story is about as true as the renia 23 mil bid. 

Anyway capello confirms that gibbs and big jack wilshere will get there debuts tonight.
Finally a reason to watch england again,
the last time we had three arsenal players in a team was 2006 v hungary as well 
Campbell, A Hole and theo debut.


Oh and just quick note poor big phil (senderos) ruptured his achilles yesterday 
poor guy just found his level and gets injured 
tho think he should go to italy where his QE2 like turning wont go a miss

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