Monday, August 30

Transfer News Whores, Headbutting people naked and the peacemaker

The Joy of deadline day
thank god it's here so the transfer news whores can disappear
and we can concentrate on the real stuff football.
but im sure that news will turn to january transfers
come the weekend.

Schwarzer deal as i write this might be a dead deal
now that given seems to be staying at money city
apparently got a improved contract to sit on the bench
has been touted round as the reason.
but im sure
"he aint that sort of player."
(On that note was doing my rounds read blogs late last night
came across a potter blog
saying that stoke play football the right way,
that wenger is in a midlife crisis
and we cheat and moan our way through the season.
lol midlife crisis pulis is the one in a baseball cap headbutting people naked)

news that hughes might sign another keeper
and then we can have schwarzer
to be honest do we really want him is he better than almunia.
The Almunium wall was back in effect v blackburn.
played as if he had nothing to lose and had a great game.
Lets hope the return to the form of 07/08 when he disposed jens
consequently after the blackburn game where jens made a howler.

You live in hope of one more deal a melo
never know what wheelings and dealings wengers up to
he loves a last minute bargin.
'arry on the other hand
dont do wheelings and dealsing
'e's a facking football managah, inne?

Big Jack has been in the news for the right reasons
unlike some footballers
jack wont be seeking a injunction for his peacemaking skills
his arrest must have been due to misunderstanding.

By Glen Thomson

RSD out (@TheRSD)

Will be on twitter for rumours of the final hours of transfer window hopefully the insiders will have lots to pass on.


Erick said...

I like the Jack the peace marker Movie when is it coming out

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