Sunday, August 29

It's clear he wants to go so we're looking at other options

Well was a good game everyone had a good run out
Cesc didn't look sharp enough
but this was a preseason game for him
Shame about RvP
but wenger thinks it just a slight sprain
so 10 days
just enough to keep him out for the international breaks good news for us.
Would expect cesc to play over international breaks
he needs the some time under his belt to get sharp again

Blackburn fans sang "Aren’t you supposed to be in Spain" to Cesc.
Gooners sang back "aren't you supposed to be in The Championship".

Theo looked really good not just in his goal
but in his movement
even the second goal was all down to him his run inside
opened the space for sanga
and his daglish like assist to arshavin was fantastic. ;-)
(fuck you hansen)
Cesc probably would have scored if theo weren't in the way though
but nice we can score scrappyish goal.

Theo's first was starting to be a classic theo goal
inside-right position,
low across the goalkeeper
into the far corner
think of two of his goals against Croatia,
his goal against Barca at the grove in March,
or his first of last season at home to Blackburn.

His hat-trick on last Sat all three of these goals
all hit from a same sort of position,
all ending up in a same part of the net.
And now another v blackburn.

Is he now starting to fill henry's boots
Classic theo goal classic henry goal?
Did henry ever break the net? probably

Kos was slightly at fault for the first goal
letting his mark get away from him 
but was excellent in second half

Almunia was did everything asked of him
look confident caught everything no flapping
the almunia who dislodged jens
interesting he he threw his shirt in to crowd after the game
people said it looked like a good bye

on that note Hughes said about Schwarzer
"he has made it clear he wants to go to arsenal so we are looking at other options"
They want to tie up a loan for Given.
Personally i think almunia should stay and his dog 2

Great three points considering none of top 4 went to blackburn and won last season.

Oh and fat sam that if it weren't for being offside they caught us alot of times in first half.
It's called an offside trap prick.

loving Songs new hair does it remind you of by

by @darylbooth

RSD out (@TheRSD)

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Ann Patey said...

Great stuff RSD, where you at the game? Missed it all this time, out with the family again. :-(

Real Social Dad said...

@AnnPatey no but have eye's everywhere
when do you send the mil home?

Anonymous said...

And Walcott's shot busted the net too!

Real Social Dad said...

kind of implied
by the did henry ever break the net

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