Wednesday, September 15

Do you LOVE Eboue? Do you wanna show it?

I am Eboue.
Closing date 2nd October 2010
Do you LOVE Eboue? Do you wanna show it?
Just record a clip on your webcam/camcorder and send it to the link below.
  • TIPS:
  • *Record in a well lit area. The lighter the better
  • * Set your webcam/camera to record at the highest resolution you can
  • *Sit in front of a WHITE background so you are in frame (as pictured below)

  • .
  • *WEAR your Gooner shirt
  • *JUST directly look at camera and say
    "I am Eboue" or "I`m Eboue" (just that, nothing else)
  • *And remember, your Eboue.. so SMILE!
  • *Send clip along with you name & location in an email.
The best ones I can use I will edit into a clip which will not only be available here and on youtube but also sent to the Arsenal PR team.
Closing date 2nd October 2010. Send clips -->
Any questions can be directed at myself on twitter or go to the `I am Eboue facebook page` below.

I hasten to add, the idea for this come from @TheSKAGooner so feel free to contact him too.

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