Monday, September 20

Some Gooners can get bent

I know you can say well I pay for my ticket, subscription to sky and shirt why cant I have a good moan specially when we throw away a 3 points in the last kick of the game.

But to be honest did we even deserve a draw in that game?

Apart from Cesc’s sublime piece of skill to put us ahead (cough)
(think he had his eyes shut and was turning his head away, impressive huh!)
We were pretty crap and if that hadn’t of happened we’d be looking at an away defeat
This a hard place to go city lost there last month.

With the moaning going on in some places you would think we lost the league right then.
Even the invincibles drew 30% of their games with teams below 6th place,
with six 1-1's & two 0-0's.
Maybe the league is tougher since then.
But it aint time to slit you wrist yet
but you can keep the bath ready if you like.

Songs yellow probably werent yellows but then he had been doing all he could to get in the book, definitely deserved a built up yellow.

The pressing from sunderland was fantastic and was a welcome to the northeast to chamakh and big jack who both struggled with having such less time on the ball, than on wednesday.
Could have done with reshuffle really.

It took till the end of the first half for their pressing game to decrease before we could string a few passes together. We were awful.
When song got sent off we actually played better prob cos brucey couldn't work out how to play the 441 after playing our 4231 we kept the ball beautifully.

what happened at the end happens to even the best of teams,
by the  way when there is 4 minutes added on - it means a minimum of 4 minutes of added time. Can't blame ref on that front. Sorry.
Even if Dowd is a huge knob head
Only one match of ours i've seen were he aint done what he did yesterday even wenger noticed with him applauding dowd for finally giving sunderland a yellow after song was sent off.

The defence look solid almunia is show some classy performances
kos and seba looking solid.

Clichy is having problems with no support from andrey has no outlet 2 pass 2
wish he would just hit it in to row z.
Looking at the replays he was tripped before he made his clearance before the goal.

Keep the faith

RSD out


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