Saturday, September 11

Time for the squad to shine

So the moaners are out in force since the injuries to RvP and Theo
Would think we had a squad about as good as liverpool with the way some people are going on

yes we have injuries
but it's time for the squad to shine
the likes of vela and wilshere will relish the challenge
after all modern football is about the squad not just the first eleven
It's the reason we let eduardo go so that vela could get more of a chance

I hope it will be a big season for the fringe players
you only have to look at how well diaby be playing for france

He owes us a big season
was getting close to it last season

For today we've lost TV
but is a good game for seba to come in at home
banfield said that he was impressed with his leadership skills
last time we played bolton at home we went top
would be nice if chels slip up
but wont be holding my breath

RSD out


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