Saturday, September 18

Wenger has pulled a fast one

Listening to the shareholders Q&A
Has got me thinking has wenger pulled a fast one on all of us
 Question "I've seen every keeper since George Swindon, current keeper cost us lot of points, its mystery to all fans why you didn't buy a keeper

Wenger " I'm ready for them to prove u wrong, with goals its usually five errors, but keeper gets always the blame, and I think we have great Keeper's"

He knew something werent right with Almunia last season
the effect of the death in his family effected him more than expected
As we know wenger put a bid in schwarzer back in may
Mark hughes said we never increased the offer.

Did Wenger do this to focus Almunia?
So he would pull his finger out and concentrate and al knows that the likes of Szczesny and Vito are coming on in leaps and bounds. Especially Chesney, watched him in the reserves this week v money shitty and look great as usual.
(why dont we get live reserve matches?)

If this is what wenger did, it definitely worked. Apart from looking a little nervous in the first game, Al has looked solid obviously this is due to having a better defence in front of him this season. In last four prem games we've restricted our opponents to just ten shots on target.
So that's obviously helped.
If you look at gomes the other season for the yids looked shit with a crappy defense in front of him but when king and dawson are in front of him he was one of the better keepers in the prem according to the stats

Wenger rattle peoples cages last week

fat sam the twitcher 'arry all bad mouthing wenger in the press
is this because they want to get the press on there side
so that they will back them so as to push them forward for the england job?

I hate it when newspapers take the quote out of context By

pic by @darylbooth

Who does sam think he is Jose?

Some final quotes from the Q&A Wenger

"We develop players, if I don't make room for Jack Wilshire of world he will leave, we need too be strong and face critics and say no we have the players who have values and style, and that's why we were adamant of keeping Cesc. We are a physically a stronger team this year."

" I enjoyed last nights game, Sunderland result is very important to us, especially as we are away 5 out of 6 games after champions league"

"Chelsea are flying that's why Saturday is vital and I believe we can take over"

Wenger seems confident and why wouldn't bring on sunderland

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