Saturday, December 18

A Little more about Miyako (Miyaichi)

In case you missed @younggunnsblog reporting his signing at the end of august
the club has now made it official
 or you can go to the orginal source

anyway more about him

Miyako Oonaka Miyako Takanaka Aichi 17
183 centimeters tall, but, a dribbling 
does the 50meters in 5 flat 
similar to Cristiano Ronaldo
and has blood type O according to jap press
(in japan blood type is like horoscope but more serious)
he'll join when he turn 18 at christmas
but of course he's leg is broke.

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Anonymous said...

Is his name Miyako or Miyaichi, thought it was the latter?

Real Social Dad said...

Think the english version is miyaichi and jap is Miyako Oonaka Miyako Takanaka Aichi

Anonymous said...

So is it Me-a-chi (phonetically) ??

Anonymous said...

How can we get a permit for this schoolkid, but not for a player who plays for the brazilian champions?

Real Social Dad said...

good point? but dont know if we got one yet?

Real Social Dad said...

but i guess if they just heard that they didnt gets silva's permit likily that that they got news on miyako's at the same time

Anonymous said...

hi rsd, typical that we sign a player who's young and already crocked...


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