Tuesday, December 14

Inches arn't adding up

The heart says yes when we go in to these games now but secertly i was preparing for defeat.The mental block im feeling is also shown in the players.

Even wenger dont understand, Wenger was asked why Arsenal rarely win big games:

"You're a football specialist. I leave that analysis to you because you know everything"

Lady arse hits on the point in the big games we lose our flowing football and take a more rigid approach.Playing with the hand break wenger would call it.

Was really crying out for a plan b last night someone tall switch out to the flank and having the ball lumped in to them from defensive posiiton but wenger went for more tippy tappy change of bring RvP and cesc on. Which changed it not alot just more tippy tappy tap tap and no tippy tappy boom boom.

Chamakh proved he's no poacher when he ran jogged on to the spilled save from Samirs shot. If only it was the other way round. Samir would have nicked the ball rounded vidic and scored.

Na na na na

Anyway on to stoke hopefully the losing in braces dont continue

RSD out


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