Tuesday, December 7

Song STAY!

"Song stay" has been shouted for a few weeks now
and alot of people put our recent losses down to song being to far forward
"Trying to be kaka"
and lots of other crap I’ve heard.

Wenger has recently come out and said he has the freedom to go forward
this is helping us when we try and break down teams who have tough and organised defences.
The extra man pressing helps alot
look at the games v blackburn, brum and fulham.

I feel when there's a change in personnel they don’t quite get the you go forward I’ll stay back (see vid) this does lead to the sea parting as we saw in our defence on saturday and v the baggies.

So next time you see song in what you think should be nose bleed territory for him look at his midfield partner he should be back covering for him if he aint then it his fault we get caught not songs.

RSD out

Comments welcome

Special thanks to @Mr_Renoog for the vid

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LHW said...

tbh would rather see song stay back and jack go forward, that back 4 is too easily caught out song should stay in front and break up moves and defend them, and do some sweeping up in front of the back four, can someone point out to squillaci that heading the ball out is best not done to the advancing opposition forward as well

Anonymous said...

Song can´t make a good pass when he´s going forward, he should stay behind and give the ball to the closest Arsenal-player.


Real Social Dad said...

@lhw would hope song still does that but if just does that wouldn't think we would have beaten blackburn and brum or even fulham

@anom the stats dont really support you seeing as song has 4 pre assists this season second top in the team

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