Monday, January 31

Exclusive Signings

tonite we will B having a live blog on ths weeks panel we have signed up

@garyprince @10akhil @darrenarsenal1 "signed"

unfortunatly @ladyarse has dropped out but will be here next week for a girls night with her @SianyMacalarny & @ArsenalOffside have "signed"

dont miss it see below for email reminders show will be at 9pm GMT they will be giving their thoughts on huddersfield game and much more.

Also this week we'll have a more live blogging on thursday were @darylbooth @KeithTheGooner and @pjbish will join us for go over everton game and our usual banter

have also been talking with @arsenal about have some players on live blogs cant promise anything but a defo maybe from them.

We also have some non arsenal and just football in general live blogging lined up @jonawils @LesRosbifs @JamieDalton82 @hahostolze @1FITG am thinking of doing it week thursday night
all have "signed"

Also @johncrossmirror has said yes date to be arranged "signed"

more arsenal bloggers @jamesreuben is coming on and @Gingers4Limpar "signed"

Please see there blogs or tweets to see what their about they are all great people with amazing knowledge of the game.

For all of todays goals see highlight page.

if you have a favourite blogger or tweeter that you would like to see on a panel please leave comments.

RSD out


Red Arse said...

Really interesting line up, I hope to tune it. :-)

Real Social Dad said...

tell a friend

Real Social Dad said...

unfortunately postponed tonight live blog some issues awaiting response

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