Sunday, January 2

My Thoughts on beating the blue noses

Another game building on the fact that you cant bully the arsenal out of a game anymore.
We kept going and got what was deserved

tho we almost paid for the terrible finishing in the first half.
We could have been going in at half time 1-1.
Thankfully the 8 changes we had made midweek paid in the second half
and we were much sharper than birmingham who had made no changes from their mid week v utd.

This wasn't the only thing that pushed us on to victory but it helped.
Some beautiful understanding between cesc and nasri for the second and third goals.
Was the other.
One two's all the way through.
The Chalkboard for the second is another for the album.
13 or so passes. 

Cesc says he's feeling as back to his best on the hammy front so hope to see more performances like that.

RvP is taking a while to get back to match fitness now been back for two months yet still missing a few sitters, but least he's in the positions to use the old cliche Class is permenant form  is temporary and RvP has alot of class.

Was another good game for clichy does look back to his oldself in the last two game probably due to nasri tracking back and make interceptions helping clichy out unlike Arshavin. (not to say arshavin doesn't win the the ball back for us he does but this happens higher up the pitch ie not helping out clichy)

City roll in on wednesday hopefully no knocks picked up and an unchanged team for them as we'll be have to be at our best to beat the nine defensive midfielders they play.

RSD out


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