Thursday, February 3

The Passion of Cesc, he's not english

A day of backlash from the english media on cesc's passion on the field

First of this morning was henry winter piece
stating that cesc is showing to arrogance to officals and that he'll be probably off in the summer after this crazy statement (2+2=a squigilion)he then went on to tweet a rooney interview.

I dont mind his having an opinion but does seem fairly biased to the english players in every article. Also it is very unfair for basically give the "news" in such a way. Making people draw up comparisons of the two players, which shouldn't be drawn because one act is in the heat of a game the next is in an interview.

What is it with the english media and foreigners if rooney says
" erm fucking erm book him ref erm"
he's just part of the "banter" yet if cesc has a word or shows the card sign its bloody foreigners.

Then this moved on to the talkshite latter with durham getting involved does make you wonder how this guy gets on the radio about the cesc alleged swearing

"I've got good idea what was said but i have no idea"
talkshite living up to its name.

Mason didn't mention it in his match report therefore its not an issue
And wenger says

"cesc didn't talk to the ref i did at half time"
and in wenger we trust ;-)

of course you got some fan falling for the bait they put down, and the ipswich fans are still pissed at cesc.
Yes he's the captain he only one allowed to talk to refs so he has to go over there and show that he is livid with the decision, thought it would be overturned for a second.

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RSD out

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Anonymous said...

Really sick of the English press annd Talkshite having a go at Cesc all the time yesterday,To my mind Cesc is behaving like a captain should be.Its a disgrace the way they hounded him yesterday.They even brought up the Barca shirt and the spitting on the bus in Spain after the world cup.I really think they are trying to push him out of this sjhit country !

Anonymous said...

The problem with English football, officialdom, media, even managers alike .. they all pretend to be English gentlemen but in actual fact do not deserve one bit of respect, because they dont even have self-respect enough to correct themselves. No proof needed further than a glance at the media and FA's hypocrisy, plus, of course, the mostly inept refereeing. NO need to guess why England did progress in the WC, much less win the title.

Real Social Dad said...

thanks for your comments

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