Sunday, February 6

"It's a Farce, they're a disgrace"

Not getting the rub of the green when it comes to refereeing decisions this season which has been highlighted in the last few matches even the player think this
RT @jack_wilshere: Inconsistent refereing needs to stop.its killing the game.if Diaby goes..whats the difference between that and Nolan on our keeper!?? #joke

RT @53Szczesny53: It is hard to make any comments on today's game without using the magic word "referee"... Thought he was brilliant today...

obviously refs are human and are bound to make the wrong decision sometimes, but this why we made them turn pro, which i think has made it even worse. Cos now they think they are safe, they can hide behind the term pro, in any other profession, they'd be fired for so many mistakes. In football it's accepted and silenced.

Too many decisions are wrong and it not just the points at stake some clubs will now go out of business due to being relegated probably due to some bad decisions. (support plymouth argyle Please see 

Off the top my head i can think of the home game vs liverpool in champions league two wrong penalty decision one stone wall on helb and one complete dive. Yesterday we got dowd made two of the softest penalties you ever likely to see. Even the freekicks leading up to the goals where dubious to say the least. For those none arsenal readers you might say oh boo hoo arsenal always moaning just like wenger, it not just us think back to chelsea barca game the drogba one.

"It's a Farce" "he's a fucking disgrace"

And this was for a place in the champions league semi. So it doesnt get better the higher you go, fifa are now investigating goal line technology again, but until we offer a fifth replay official, much like the system in cricket. I dont think i will be satisfied.

Will you?

RSD out

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Anonymous said...

Referees in the BPL are diabolical because they have the backings from the English Fa and Referees Association. No matter how horrendous their mistakes and decisions were they were swept under the carpet. The beauty of it all is Clubs and players are NOT ALLOWED to comment on them. It's like after being raped you are not allow to report to the police. This is the LAW of the game in England ?

Real Social Dad said...

fantastic comment and analogy, thanks

Erick said...

The Ref was a joke the second penalty was the softest they even don't give that in la liga which is the softest league in the world. Man u got beat so we are still in there all four competitions playing against 12 men. OH TO BE A GUNNER

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