Wednesday, February 23

Youth Hyperbolism

The hype that surrounds youth now days, is it becoming too much?

We are always looking for the next big thing, cant we stop and wait until the kid flourishes? And enjoy the team now?

Look at theo, it took him a long time to get where he is today and would still class him as kid he is only just now starting to show what he was hyped as 5 years ago. “The New Henry”
Unlucky theo didnt come about overnight.

Look at the criticism Jack Wilshere got after the fa cup game vs west ham and now look at him.

The new fifa home grown rule has got us constantly looking to youth and the next big thing, my thoughts own the home grown rule are that it's a stupid thing only increasing the youth hyperbolism, it also brings in to question whether a player is picked for the squad just to make the home grown quota and not solely based on talent.

Wenger has banned ryo talking to the press in holland can only be a good thing. although he does look good and i wish he was able to play for us would i think he might have even got some minutes if his work permit had gone through, looking at how well he's playing for feyenoord.

(yes i do realise the irony of posting a vid when im saying dont overhype them.)

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