Wednesday, March 9

A Familiar Path, me thoughts on barca arse

Another champion league campaign comes to an end, with the a familiar result
I also have have three positions for these big champions league matches

first 20 mins: sitting on the edge of the sofa swigging beer continually

As hope starts fading: standing when we’re just in it and kick any thing that's in front of me and the telly (the mrs loves this)

Final Chanced missed: lying on the floor face buried in the carpet shouting why arsenal WHY, fucking every year!

you can pretty much fit that to all the big champions league games i havent made it too.
Im sure you do the same

Anyway to the game

Was amazing tactical battle in the first half
we had tried to press barca a little but seemed to give up after a few minutes and concentrate on keeping shape
And was beautiful to watch an arsenal team do wonderful drilled movement working as a perfect team like a sacchi team. and i thought we could be in for a fantastic 0-0 maybe even the perfect game.
 Although for most as much as our defensive work was good i'd never seen us so nervous with the ball. Trapped in the headlights of ferrari.
(72% passing accuracy compared to 82% in the champions league this season. via @optajoe & @orbinho)

It took till the end of the half till we started to play a bit and then get some ball in the final third mascherano puts a hard but fair challenge on jack, jack was down but, a few barca tried to pull him up early and the boys rallied round, barca took offence and i counted three people (valdes, pedro, abidal) gulliver grabbing on nasri and Robin which is obviously okay if you barca and you have a “neutral” swiss ref.

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 via @agoonersdream

He's right in the middle how he dont send at least one of the players off is beyond me?
(Spanish teams do well when Busacca is in charge: P30 W23 D7 L0 via @swissramble)

This is the point where either arsenal would take this advantage or barca

a minute later

Cesc (playing injured from 15 mins apparently) tries to back heel the ball to jack, trying to catch barca over committed but such was the pressing of barca team fuck they were like bacteria multiplying around us.
(Best from twitter RT @iainmacintosh: @TheRSD They're like wasps at a picnic. You can't shake them off, you can't get rid of them. Amazing team.
RT @coachdanks "Barca are like a pack of wolves thrown some meat when arsenal take a throw in!)

Still we managed to push barca to the very end even after robin technically correct but completely nonsensical sending off. Stupid yellow to begin with and could have been off just for the first one.

Wouldn't be unfair to judge bendtner miss after being on for ten minutes and his second touch of the ball he may be god but even god took seven days/touches.

Not to take anything away from barca who were amazing but would been interesting with 12 vs 11 for the last half hour.

Also as much i am proud of the defending as a team, will be always wondering if we had approached the game like we had at the emirates and pressed a bit more instead of sacrificing possession.

I was feeling confident all day yesterday till run out for some more beers pre match and accidentally put a different hat on a black one, as walk out the door and just felt this was bad omen like black arm band.

Anyway still on for the double
And the great thing about football there's always next year ay!

RSD out

ps and yes barca had a blatant pen in first half you could debate in or out.


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